Updated on 24 Okt 07




Markus Schindler
Zürichstrasse 11     
CH-6004 Luzern     

Hawker Hunter F.Mk.58

I started my Hunter Repaint Project just for the fun of it and then kept going after getting so much positive feedback from the Hunter fan community and flightsim enthusiasts. It was of course a special pleasure for me when I was contacted by people from the Hunterverein Obersimmental (the Papyrus-people...), the Hunterverein Interlaken and other people who used to work with this beautiful aircraft during it's career in the Swiss Air Force and now enjoy Dave Garwoods wonderful Hunter for the FlightSimulator in Swiss colours.

The "Hunter SuperPack" contains 20 versions of Swiss Air Force Hunters including 7 special schemes and featuring all Hunter Squadrons od Switzerland, plus a fictional paint scheme. All external textures were completely redrawn for best quality and the camouflage scheme was corrected in some places to accurately represent the Swiss version of the Hunter.

Textures only! The original model by Dave Garwood needed for this repaint to work  can be downloaded from www.avsim.net

WARNING: MY REPAINTS ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR DIRECT DOWNLOAD FROM THIS SITE! Please look for them at www.flightsim.com and/or www.avsim.net. Direct links to my repaints at those places will follow shortly (i.e. as soon as I find the time). Sorry for the inconvenience...

Click on the thumbnails bellow to see screenshots: